Fall Harvest – Applesauce

We’ve had a bumper crop of apples in western Washington this year. Continue reading Fall Harvest – Applesauce



Experience teaches you a lot, patience…….took the time to let the dough warm and rise after forming the butterhorns – paid off big time! Continue reading Butterhorns

I’m Back

And I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long! We had an interesting year in 2010. We attended the IBIE – International Baking Industry Exibition – in Las Vegas the end of September. We hadn’t been for 12 years and it was so good to be immersed in classes and talk to industry people. This was … Continue reading I’m Back


Why “Hot out of the Oven”……..

I’m a baker, therefore everything comes “hot out of the oven”! Continue reading Why “Hot out of the Oven”……..


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……….Farmers Market starts in 7 days!!

Today is the first day I start baking again for market – since last fall. Continue reading ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……….Farmers Market starts in 7 days!!


It’s time to contemplate!

I work all year, but in the winter I don’t bake. My baking is primarily for farmers market and the holiday season, so after Christmas, I spend as little time as possible in the bakery until market opens again in May. This gives me time to contemplate on the past year and to think about … Continue reading It’s time to contemplate!


The Proof is in the Yeast

I set out to use this yeast that had been my nemisis in the past. Continue reading The Proof is in the Yeast