Why “Hot out of the Oven”……..

I’m a baker, therefore everything comes “hot out of the oven”! Continue reading Why “Hot out of the Oven”……..



When I’m not baking – which is not often………one of my two passions is growing and taking pictures of my flowers, particularly the dahlias.  I bought a lot of my dahlias from a woman who grows them in Tenino, Washington.  I’ve traded some and bought the others in various other places.  There is just nothing … Continue reading Dahlias


It’s that time of the year for us………we specialize in homemade fudge.  We started out with milk chocolate and now have over 15 different flavors we’ve developed ourselves.  One of the newest – Tuxedo fudge.  Dark chocolate bottom, white chocolate top and toasted coconut – great, distinctive flavor. Do we have you drooling yet? Continue reading Fudge

Party Munchies

It’s that time of year.  Time to start thinking about all the good things you want to fix for the holidays – things that you normally wouldn’t make through the year.  One of my favorite is party munchies – as we call them.  I remember my Aunt Evelyn and my mom making them when we … Continue reading Party Munchies